1970’s Fur Collar Inspiration

  1. Twiggy
  2. Mad Men Episode 6x01 “A Little Kiss”. Screencaps via: Tom & Lorenzo Mad Style Post.
  3. John Bonham (+ Led Zeppelin)
  4. Vintage photo
  5. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) in Almost Famous
  6. Lenny Kravitz
  7. (Gratuitous shirtless) Lenny Kravitz

We’ve been having a unexpected stretch of real Spring weather here in Seattle. Sun! Very little wind! Actual warmth! Awesome weather for lying around to study in the grass, and also awesome for style creativity. I have lots of upcoming posts highlighting the campus style I’ve been spotting. First though, let’s get my mediocre face out of the way.

I was sort of inspired by seeing the new Dark Shadows movie and all that amazing 70’s style, plus the late-60’s fashion being featured this season on Mad Men. So many fun, crazy patterns! So I went for a full 70’s spring look. Luckily, my Mom was a teenager during the 70’s and she’s a pack-rat like me, so she kept a lot of stuff around that I now have.

Also a hurdle for this outfit: more hair was dirty and gross and I didn’t have time to wash it, so I needed a creative and non-ugly way to hide that hot mess. The winter solution: hats. Spring solution: scarves!

  • My patterned scarf was one I stole/”permanently borrowed” from my Mom. It’s got such a great ethnic-inspired colorful pattern, plus it’s long and wide enough to cover pretty much all of my hair. I also did an inside out french braid on both sides of my hair, starting from the temples, just to make sure no gross bits would sneak out during the day.
  • Earrings: also, vintage, also from Mom. They are little glass vial thingys and in both of them their are real dried flowers, a daisy and a little red flower. They are so hippie and wonderful and I got a nice compliment from Hope (of the floral shoes) on them.
  • The rest of the jewelry is Goodwill, hand-me-down and these from AEO.
  • Shirt: also from my Mom! This is a vintage embroidered shirt my Mom got on a trip to Mexico. It’s a pretty standard style (you’ve probably seen at least one at Goodwill/thrift store) but I like that I got mine from my Mom. It’s got a nice A-line, floaty cut that is great for a warmer day when you don’t want something skin-tight.
  • Sunglasses: also passed on from mom; not vintage though. Same ones from this post.
  • Necklace: Not from Mom! This is an old, old Goodwill find. It’s an awesome statement pendant, with colorful enamel outlined in gold. The flowers and butterfly make it perfect for Spring, and the flowers go with the earrings.
  • Jacket: Modcloth Auto Pilot Jacket ($15.99 on sale). This jacket is actually really thin, way thinner than it would appear. Not great as a winter jacket, but surprisingly good for when the wind gets a little chilly, even with the sun out. Unfortunately, the second time I put this jacket on one of the buttons came off, and now another is hanging by a thread. I can easily sew a button on, I’ve just been too lazy. But I think it looks fine - maybe even better - un-buttoned. I was inspired to do some 70’s faux-fur from collections like this  BCBG Max Azria Fall 2012 and J. Mendel Fall 2012.
  • Bottom half: old wide legged Old Navy shorts that are at least 3 sizes too big, from my “bigger” days in middle or early high school. Cinched that ish up with a flowered faux-suede belt and the top of the shirt covered the awkward bunching in the front + silver Birkenstocks. 

Okay, what do y’all think of my 1970’s inspired Friday look?