I’ve been struggling with my DIY projects recently. Struggling as in I want to throw all of my failed crap into a pile and set it on fire, because that is an appropriate reaction to things.

HOWEVER, I found something even those wallowing in the seventh circle of crafting hell cannot fuck up: decoupage! Such a fancy word! So much fun to say! Pretty much impossible to do incorrectly! ModPodge for the win!

Naturally I decided to combine this idiot-proof craft with a project I was sure to fail at, because I am that kind of self-sabotaging doofus. I chose this DIY project for making a drawer-organizer - a drawr-ganizer, if you will - out of old Birchboxes. What’s nice about this is that even if you don’t have all the pieces to finish the DIY (the original plan calls for 6 total boxes - 6 bottoms and 2 lids), you can start decoupaging a Birchbox lid for your top and then you could do each piece as you get them/assemble.¬†

Alternatively, you can be impatient like me and say ‘screw it’ and chop an extra lid small enough to fit as another drawer, but I’ll save that for the post when I’m showing off the finished product.

ANYWAY, I’m having some crazy-brain feelings about patterns, so I just torn apart a bunch of magazine pictures with patterns on them and deco-ed the shit outta them. Actually, I had already created a wall collage with pictures from the March 2012 Issue of Glamour Magazine,¬†especially¬†this editorial: 'Oh The Place You'll Go!'

As for the top drawer, I modpodged a bunch of gold tissue paper from an old Birchbox all over all the sides of it, and then for the pull I used a faux-fancy brass button (I think I found it on the ground somewhere?) and stuck a twist-tie through the back of it (in case I want a different pull later on). Fancy! This is the drawer I shall keep all of my fanciest shit.

Once I get my August Birchbox (should be this Monday - curse you west coast!), I’ll have all my drawers and be ready to reveal my masterpiece. Get excited.